Virgo Season: One Ear to the Ground

Sometimes projecting into the future becomes more of a trap than an experience in liberatory possibility.

Virgo Season: One Ear to the Ground
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Today I've got for you the final installment of the zodiac archetype series that started in October of last year.

For some context: I launched a podcast one year ago that I thought was going to be super ambitious long-term project on a far-ranging variety of topics. It eventually morphed into just one-a-month podcast with astrological insight for each zodiac season.

This episode completes 12 out of 12 episodes on the astrological signs, and I think that I am going to be retiring the podcast along with it. I am leaving the door open for a bonus episode here or there in the future, but I believe this will conclude my regular publishing schedule.

If you'd like to listen to the episode, you can do so here, or if you'd prefer to read, you can read the transcript below:


Welcome to the Shadow Femme show, a show about humans, our feelings, and the ways in which we make meaning.

I’m your host, Sarah, and I’m an astrologer, psychic medium, healer, card reader, and human design reader.

Today I have for you the final episode in our zodiac archetype series. I started this series in October of last year, with the first episode dropping during Libra season, and now we’re finishing up with Virgo season.

So I sat down before this episode, and I pulled some tarot cards and I channeled some messages from my guides, for the archetype of Virgo.

The cards I pulled were the 5 of Swords, the 6 of Wands, the Queen of Pentacles, The Emperor, The Moon, and the Page of Pentacles:

In these messages, my guides didn’t describe the meanings of each of the cards, but if you're familiar with tarot, you can just keep those cards in mind as the background for what you're about to hear.

Okay. So here are what my guides had to say…

Channeled Messages for Virgo

Virgo is a sign that values the tangible, the practical, as well as the spiritual.

Not all Virgos are able to lean fully into their more spiritual sides, but they may get there by way of their penchant for ritual.

To a Virgo, systems are sacred. A good system, applied efficiently, is the stuff of holiness.

Virgos have a deep intuition that they may or may not acknowledge. A Virgo placement is one that focuses on and processes all sorts of little details and these details add up to a highly accurate picture most of the time. Virgo intuition arises from acute observation—which is almost second-nature, running in the background—as well as an attunement to the cues of the body, and the somatic wisdom that that entails.

Combining the forces and dynamics of the Earth element and the mutable modality, Virgo energy is at once solid and flexible.

Think of soil—fertile soil that you can run through your fingers. It is not the hard compact Earth of Taurus or the Saturnian stone of Capricorn.

Virgo Season is when plants are harvested in the Northern hemisphere. It is a time of fertility and abundance.

Yet there is an acute awareness of what is to come: the falling of the leaves and the cold winter.

Virgo season leans forward, one ear to the ground, always bracing itself for loss.

Within the understanding of abundance is the comprehension that the seasons turn, that what is here today can be gone tomorrow, and that to guard against insecurity and scarcity, one must have a solid plan.

Virgos love a good plan. This is a sign that can skew anxious—because the quick Virgoan mind spans outward into all manner of consequences and possibilities—and so in order to control what they perceive as the uncertainty of the world around them, many Virgos will shore up their anxieties with the bulwark of a detailed plan.

But not every single thing can be planned for. Sometimes projecting into the future becomes more of a trap than an experience in liberatory possibility.

That is where sacred ritual and the connection to body and spirit can come into play. These are the things that can help ground a Virgo or someone with major Virgo placements, because ritual and a daily routine of tending to the mind, body, and spirit help these sensitive souls to take things one day at a time and one moment at a time—using that mutable energy to greet each and every moment as it comes, and to fully inhabit it.

We hope that wherever you have Virgo in your chart, that this has been helpful for you. It has been a pleasure to speak to you through Sarah on this podcast over the past year. We hope you’ll join us on all the other adventures and inner explorations to come.


So again, that was another short but sweet episode for you. If you've been listening all through these episodes over the past year, thank you so much for coming along for the ride. As often happens with me and the projects that I start, I tend to be…overly ambitious with my vision for things. I remember when I started this podcast last year, I thought I was going to do at least weekly episodes—maybe even more than that—maybe even more than one episode a week. And I was going to also make it a video podcast. And I was going to repost it to YouTube and I was going to take listener questions and do interviews and do long research projects and extensive video essays, and that just didn't end up happening. And I found that it was even a lot of work to keep up with just one episode a month. Even though I enjoy talking about these things. I think that just the logistics of scripting, recording, editing and publishing just created little moments of resistance and friction for me, in terms of my motivation to keep up with this podcast.

But it was a good experiment. And I have learned some things about myself through this process. And I know I want to, you know, obviously keep weaving astrology into my work. I just don't think that that will be in the form of a podcast. As it was, I actually didn't plan on this podcast being solely about astrology. When I started it, I thought it was going to be really far-ranging.

But then I just ended up sticking to the format of one episode per month, in line with each zodiac season. But anyway, again, I consider this an experiment. If you're familiar with human design, I have a third line in my profile. My profile is actually a 1/3, which means that a lot of what I do is just research and experimentation, trial and error. That's like the way I move through the world. I usually have to, you know, try things to figure out whether they're going to work or not. And then coupled with my ADHD and just the big ambitious ideas that I often have, paired with my erratic sense of motivation and the fact that in human design, I have no motors defined…it's often hard for me to stick with a long-term project after the initial excitement around it, if I find out that actually it's not for me. So that's kind of what happened, I think, with this podcast.

Nevertheless, I still think that it was useful. I hope that it was helpful for you. If you've listened this far. And yeah, as my guides said, I hope that you will still join us for future experiments, for future projects and offerings. For now I have been putting a lot of my offerings on pause as I've been going through a lot of changes in my life lately.

And I hope to bring more clarity to my offerings within the next few months and start to open up my books again for one-on-one appointments. So stay tuned and, as always, the best way to keep up with the latest with Shadow Femme is to just join the mailing list at And yeah, thank you again for listening, and I hope you have a wonderful rest of your day.

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If you're in the LA area, I'm going to be reading tarot again at the Mystic Museum in Burbank, on Sunday August 28th, from 1pm - 5pm.

I had my first day there as a guest reader this past Sunday and it was a lot of fun!


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