This is How I Approach a Tarot Reading

And here’s how you can book with me!

This is How I Approach a Tarot Reading
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I am so excited to announce that my books are now officially open for online tarot readings!!

As you know, I’ve been giving shorter, more informal readings at in-person locations here in LA, but now I am opening up my schedule to take appointments for longer sessions via Zoom.

I do love giving readings at in-person events, and they can certainly be exciting and powerful even within just a short time frame, but with a Zoom appointment, you’ll get the chance to experience a quieter setting, a longer session, and the ability to go a bit deeper as a result of that.

How to book:

You can now book with me for September and October here.
Sessions are $90 for 45 min.

If you’ve never worked with me before, or if you’re just curious to learn more about my approach, here are some things you should know about how I read tarot...

How I read tarot:

  • I see tarot as a tool to communicate with Spirit — the spirit of the deck, as well as your benevolent spirits and mine. I view the spread as one that was pulled by my spirit guides, in consultation with yours. As I talk, I’ll share with you a mix of my own observations and any messages that I’m hearing or feeling via clairaudience or clairsentience.
  • I take my time. We will start with a grounding and breathing exercise to slow us down and “tune in” to the session. As I shuffle, I’ll often wait until a card jumps out of the deck — that’s usually my spirit team’s way of “pulling” a card for me. And after I lay out the cards, I’ll take a moment to study them first instead of rushing to speak. Sessions with me tend to be a bit slow, patient, and mindful.
  • I ask questions. I see the reading as a two-way conversation rather than a monologue. I invite you to share your reactions, impressions, and whatever is coming up for you during the reading.
  • I am happy to pull other modalities into the session as needed. If you happen to know your astrological or human design placements, you can mention them and I’ll incorporate them into the reading.
  • My readings tend to have a therapeutic bent to them. While I am not a therapist, and I do not intend to replace that role in your life (in fact, I think my sessions are a great complement to therapy!), we may touch on subjects like: shadow work / parts work, attachment theory, intergenerational trauma, and communication styles. This is not the kind of container where we will delve deeply into trauma (that sort of thing is best done slowly and over time with a trained practitioner), but I do hold space for any big feelings that may arise during the session. You will receive gentle, discerning, and constructive guidance that aims to help you on your journey of healing.
  • I’m truthful yet gentle about what comes up. Sometimes clients come into a session secretly wanting to avoid a particular topic in their life, but then it turns out that the cards are speaking about that very topic. I will always ask questions and gently share what I’m receiving, and if you truly don’t want to discuss a certain topic, you are welcome to let me know, and I will honor that boundary. I do find, however, that the very topics we try to avoid actually tend to come back up in our lives over and over again, and they often possess the greatest potential for healing and growth.
  • I like to center the reading on you. Even if you come to me with a relationship question or a situation that involves another person, I will continually bring the focus back to you, how you feel, and what you can do. I find that this is the healthiest, most empowering, and most ethical approach. Instead of overly focusing on what another person may be thinking or feeling, we are here to concentrate on what you want and need, and what lies within your power.

If that all sounds good to you, I invite you to book a session with me!

I look forward to working with you 😊

All the best,

P.S. If you are local to LA, be sure to check out this cute queer event I'll be working at this weekend! (But if you can't make it and this event gives you fomo, you can now – you guessed it– book online with me instead 😜)

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