The Knife's Edge: A Card Spread For Decisions

This little spread is here to help you break cycles, big and (seemingly) small.

The Knife's Edge: A Card Spread For Decisions
Photo by Oliver Roos / Unsplash

My guides recently gifted me this card spread during a period of time in which I had to make some difficult decisions in various areas of my life.

I used it three times in a row to help me clarify my path forward, and each time, it pointed me towards the harder, more uncomfortable, but necessary path. The one that pushed me to strengthen my boundaries, advocate for my needs, and care less about what other people thought of me. 🙃

Each time, this brought me face-to-face with the highly vigilant, finely-tuned, people-pleasing part of me that would've freaked out and avoided the uncomfortable path of growth, had it not been for this card spread. Thanks to the guidance I received from these pulls, I was able to do things that I formerly thought were impossible. I broke out of old, outdated patterns.

Encouraged by this, I started to share it with others. And what I saw was that this card spread was incredibly helpful for people, like me, who were stuck in old cycles and facing difficult decisions. Each time, it pointed out to them (or rather, affirmed for them), that in their particular situation, the harder, stickier-feeling choice, was the one that would actually be better in the end.

Maybe that's because a lot of us are going through some difficult malefic transits right now. Nevertheless, what resulted from this sticky and uncomfortable period of time was a useful little device that I think anyone can use to help bring clarity to their choices.

Take a look at it below, along with my guides' explanations of the spread: