The One Who Has Seen the Longest Night

A December message from my guide Lola 🖤

The One Who Has Seen the Longest Night
Photo by Anthony DELANOIX / Unsplash

Tonight I have a message for you from my guide Lola.

Dearest ones,

It is December now and the nights grow cold. I come to you bearing guavas in each hand. Eat of the fruit and think of summer – of your Foolish dreams, and the way they shone in the light of high sun.

Now as the darkness droops and your restless bones grow still, the dreams of the Summer Fool are laid to rest in the flickering of candlelight. The wisdom of the Crone, of the Weary One, of the Cold One, of the One Who Has Seen the Longest Night, can help you now.

Bend your ear to her winding tale. She will tell you what you need to hear in this hour – this final breath of the year. This wisdom is born of the weariness of experience, the extinguishment of dreams and the birth of new ones. It is not Foolish and yet is complementary – equal and opposite – to the energy of the Sun and the Fool.

She is a part of you, this Crone, this Crone who has seen it all. Who has been there, done that, and lived to tell the tale. She may be old and creaky now, but she is not cynical. No, no. There is a difference between the bitterness of experience (the darkness of cacao, the strong smell of coffee) and the acrid stench of cynicism.

She warns, but she does not impede. She speaks of what may come, not what must. She still understands that life is a dance between fate and free will. She does not lean too heavily towards one or the other. She rocks back and forth in her chair, smiling all the while.

All my love – may it warm you in these cold times,

Here's wishing you a cozy, restful, contemplative Wednesday.

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