Taylor, Spirit Session

I was honestly blown away by our reading. Everything was so spot on and exactly the guidance and messages I needed to receive, even if they weren't easy to hear. My guides that came through only confirmed where I am and helped me to see that I'm on the right path. I loved the combination of your channeling, drawing cards and even adding some insight to my astrological chart, as I felt that helped clarify and tailor the messages even more. I also truly appreciated your openness, gentleness and encouragement along the way. You spoke so honestly and helped me feel less overwhelmed and grounded in what I received. I appreciated receiving guidance on how I could further integrate my messages in more tangible ways. I left our session with so much clarity, confidence and excitement for what's to come. Thank you so much, Sarah!

Jessica,  Healing Session

Sarah is such a gifted psychic and healer! Through her I was able to connect with my spirit guides, find and release a tension I’ve been holding in my body and create a plan to stay grounded and connecting. Cannot recommend her enough!

Chelsea, Spirit Session

It was so inspiring to meet with Sarah and see the way she works. I felt at ease and deeply comforted after an emotional couple of weeks. I still keep coming back to the advice my guides presented her in the session and feel very nurtured by her insight. I also loved the mix of channeled messages, tarot, and writing. It felt multi-faceted and well rounded. Truly a beautiful experience. I would do it again!

Amelia, Insight Session

I left feeling wholly seen, renewed and transformed.

Her reaction right after the session:‍ "I didn't have any expectation, but this was way better...You never quite know how much a reading is gonna speak to the moment you're in—like I feel like all readings provide some useful information—but I feel like this has really spoken to the moment I am in, and I am really grateful to you, and your guides, for such...beautiful wisdom, and honesty. I feel like it was just so honest. You know—truthful, in a good way. Not that it was critical, but it was taking me to the places that are uncomfortable and that needed attention, which I appreciated."

Later that day:‍ "My session with Sarah was so powerful. It was so intuitive and rich and deep, and like she tapped into a whole new level of wisdom. The way she wove human design, astrology, and channeled messages into our time together helped me see connections between events in my life and pieces of my personality that had previously seemed confusing, contradictory or dis-integrated. I left feeling wholly seen, renewed and transformed. I was clearer about where to focus my energy and what small (and large) shifts would help me feel more at-home in my body and my life."

Monique, Insight Session

It helped me to gain a new perspective.

My session with Sarah was incredibly insightful. Much of what she shared I intuitively knew, but it was as if she was giving me a strong reminder. This was quite helpful during these times where it's easy to feel off center. She has a special way of weaving information together, which helped me to gain a new perspective on certain things. Sarah is very comforting to sit with and her energy is trustworthy and caring.

Libby, Insight Session

I feel blown away.

Her reaction right after the session: “You're just so knowledgeable. I feel so…blown away by how much you know me and my chart. And it feels like there are probably many more hours of things that you could say, which is really amazing. So I can't wait to listen to it back. And I just really appreciate your sharing your wisdom and your energy and letting me marinate in it for a bit.”

Cassandra, Healing Session

https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/620330081de0695096122e22_cassandra testimonial.jpg
The stuck energy started flowing again.

Her reaction right after the session: "I feel like it was pretty accurate all around—focusing on the throat and the solar plexus chakra areas. And after Lola did her thing, the stuck energy started flowing again. I know you initially said you were going to pull a card at the end, but it felt better to pull a card in the middle. It was great that you intuited, 'Okay I think I need to pull a card now,' or 'I think I need to check on the energy body first.' That created a nice flow and helped bring vital information to light, so I would say: trust the intuitive guidance that you’re receiving, because it seems to be really tuned in.

Overall, the healing session was necessary and needed and reinforced some of the things I’ve been pondering lately. You definitely have a strong connection to spirit and a wonderful gift that I’m glad to be sharing."

Moni, Healing Session

From beginning to end I was pleasantly surprised. I had no idea what it was going to be like, and since minute 1 I was already intrigued by the accuracy of it. Then I was already impressed by the time I had to interact with Lola. I would definitely do it again!

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Leila, Healing Session

I was going through a transitional period of my life that was triggering anxiety so I sought out a healing session. Sarah immediately came in with a calm energy that felt serene and grounding. She outlined what to expect from our time together before starting off with a beautiful opening prayer. She was able to intuit where I was feeling tension in my body in order to release it with her guides. During her reading, she picked up on the phase I was going through, provided useful metaphors to interpret the cards in relation to my situation, and was able to give both comforting words and actionable advice. Afterward, I felt much more tranquil and I appreciated her gentle approach.

Aaliyah, Healing Session

https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/62033011dbb0d75f20cb3ede_Aaliyah testimonial.jpg
I felt safe and held.

Her reaction right after the session: "I like that it started with the prayer and calling in the elements. I always feel more comfortable when things are just announced, and that the support that we’re relying on is acknowledged. I think a lot of these sort of readings that I’ve had done just have started with a deep breathing or a mindfulness thing, which is helpful, but [with you] I just felt very safe and held. There was a kind of motherly aspect, in the best way possible. That’s what I felt when you were saying the prayer.‍

You seem really skilled...Like you intuitively know where to go. I really like that we just focused on the throat...I appreciated really diving deep on that. And changing your normal format—that flexibility and spontaneity—it also made me feel more excited and more involved. And like things were less standard, or less rote. I think readings can sometimes feel like the person does the same thing every time. And this felt a bit more like an actual conversation, or like...being with another person, or being in a community. I really did enjoy this and everything you said really resonated with me. And I appreciate your guide a lot."

Taylor, Spirit Session

Her reaction right after the session: "That was so beautiful. It just felt really comfortable, having just met you. I felt like I got some really beautiful insights, but it wasn’t ‘overly serious’ spiritual...It was fun too. That was such a gift...I started tearing up twice. Very powerful."

Chelsea, Insight Session

https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/61573c22e2e5c5126bb82349_Fave 8.jpg
I felt so validated, seen, and EXCITED.

Sarah was an incredible resource to understand my natal chart on a deeper level, as well as elements of my Human Design. She had an incredibly unique approach which included channeled messages from her guides, which added a beautiful, divine layer to the session. I felt so validated, seen, and EXCITED about life and business. She confirmed so many things for me, and explained parts of my chart that I never heard before, which was extremely helpful in moving through some stuck energy. I HIGHLY recommend Sarah's sessions - they're unlike anything I've experienced before!

Briyana, Celestial Imprint

https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/61573c9d195ad16803a5a890_purple pic 1 - Briyana Clarel.JPG

Sarah created a beautifully designed and detailed guide that offered me new ways of understanding myself and my place in the world. Many of the concepts incorporated were new to me, but everything was clearly explained and deeply resonated. I've gained clarity around some of the challenges in my life and am ready to try new ways of addressing them. I will definitely be returning to the Celestial Imprint, and I'm excited to keep following Sarah's work.

Amanda, Astro + HD Session


I had an amazing and insightful HD + Astrology session with Sarah! I was welcomed with a warm and calm vibe as she went through my chart, specifically pointing out aspects of it that I was interested in and that she intuitively felt would be of value to me. Her depth of knowledge on both charts and how they connected back to my everyday life was amazing. I truly appreciated her holding such a safe and secure space for me, as well as for bridging the gap between my astrology and HD charts. I appreciated her suggestions on how to use my charts in specific ways towards achieving a goal or gaining clarity in certain areas. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Sarah for anyone who’s interested in HD, Astrology and Mindset work.

Suzy, Consultation


Sarah’s Shadow Femme insights came at the perfect time, while I was trying to write and edit a video representing myself to the world. Her analysis clearly articulated parts of myself I needed illuminated, while syncing up with other readings I’ve been given on my chart. It was a fresh look at how I operate in the world, and the powers I already possess. I highly recommend Shadow Femme to anyone looking for a deeper dive into their personality type and personal offerings.

Client Love via Messages

https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/6157444471d15ad72c258de5_IMG_4936 2.jpg
https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/61579f934924240d93118afa_IMG_6643 2.jpg
https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/615612e5d0e9560d11ae1bdf/615744439a778563c517abce_IMG_4935 2.jpg

Corinne, Astro + HD Session

Sarah has a real gift for holding space for others. With her guidance, I felt safe to open up and go deep into the issues holding me back. Sarah has an impressive depth of knowledge in astrology, Human Design and subconscious healing techniques including hypnosis, which I found particularly transformative. I can't recommend her work highly enough.

Victoria, UNEARTH Program

Sarah is a skilled, empathetic excavator of the psyche. Over my month of Unearth, we followed many threads until it was clear they were actually two major tangled up parts of myself. It really helped to distinguish what was going on within and then with Sarah's guidance bring those parts together so I can feel more whole moving forward.

Kayleigh, Astro + HD Session

Everything you said about my design I could relate to & I found the session so interesting & it really helped me to understand some of the traits I have and also what makes me, me. Thank you so much for an amazing session. I would highly recommend anyone who even has a slight interest in human design or astrology to get in touch with Sarah and book a session—I am sure you won’t regret it.