Talking with Trees

You can do this at home with your houseplants, or in public, walking around a park or a forest.

Talking with Trees
Photo by Wolfgang Hasselmann / Unsplash

About a year ago, I realized that I could communicate with trees.

This realization was part of a sudden spiritual awakening in which I discovered that I could psychically sense and commune with other beings.

As my spirit guide James advised us for the month of August, "This month, I recommend that you take time to commune with nature whenever you can safely do so." He tells us that, "Plants have much to teach you, if you listen closely."

In order to help (re)inspire you (and myself) to commune with nature, I've included here three short transcriptions of my very first attempts at communicating with plants, in the hopes that you will give it a go too!

Chatting with a California Live Oak

This California Live Oak in all his glory. I later learned from him that his name is Henry! Henry has very grandfatherly energy.

Me: Tree, what would you have me know?

Tree: I am old.

Me: Yes, you are old.

Tree: And you are young.

Me: Yes, I am young.

Tree: I am old. And I like it here.

Me: Is there anything else you would have me know?

Tree: Feel the breeze. Feel the breeze. Just be.

Me: Thank you. Thank you for letting us sit under you. Is there anything else you would have me know?

Tree: Breathe. Your breath gives me life.

One of my first times hanging with Henry.

Speaking with Seaweed


Me: Seaweed, what would you have me know?

Seaweed: I would have you know that life is like the ocean. It has ebbs and flows. It has tides. Life is like the ocean in that it is never-ending. The ocean really has no end.

The Seaweed then shows me the water cycle: water coming down as rain, running through a river and to the ocean, and then evaporating back up into the sky – and it makes me think of reincarnation. In that moment, it all makes sense.

Conversing with a Queensland Bottle Tree

Me: Tree, what would you have me know?

Tree: I would have you know, child, that you are small.

Me: Yes, I am small.

Tree: And that I am big. You see these cracks in my trunk?

Me: Yes, I see them.

Tree: These cracks are from the strain of growth. And I would have you know that this growth was worth it. This growth was worth the pain, the cracking, because it allowed me to be me in my fullness. And now I am big, and I am sturdy, and I will be here for a long, long time. I hope you know that. I hope you know that growth is worth it. I feel you already know that. But I am here reinforcing that. I am here telling you that growing pains are worth it.

Me: Thank you, Tree. I have to go now.

Tree: Goodbye my child. Come back again sometime.

Would you like to try this yourself?

You can do this at home with your houseplants, or in public, walking around a park or a forest. (All my conversations with trees take place silently – you can just think the words in your head, in case you're worried about people looking at you funny!)

You can start by taking deep breaths to gather your energy. Then send some of that energy down through the base of your spine (or the soles of your feet) and through all the layers of the earth, until you reach the core of the Earth. Then picture pulling some of that energy from the Earth's core back up through your body, out the crown of your head, and reach it wayyy up to the the highest point in the sky you can imagine. Picture hooking into an infinite grid of information way up in the sky. Then pull down some of that light and information back down through your body and back out the base of your spine.

Then, in your head, introduce yourself to the plant. Ask if it would like to talk to you. If you get a yes, start chatting! :) Or if you prefer, just take a moment to sense the plant's energy and your connection with them. You might find that if you're centered and connected you'll feel a surge of love and a sense that you're part of something larger than yourself, a network of interconnected beings.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

All the best,