Reintroducing Myself

Some post-eclipse clarity.

Reintroducing Myself
Photo by Amanda Frank / Unsplash

Happy Sagittarius New Moon!

How are you feeling after plunging into those Scorpionic depths for the past month?

I'm emerging into the light of day after spending this time intensely revisiting and reexamining my practice and my offerings.

I'm coming to you now with more clarity and coherence and a bit more structure to help ground my work.

(The actual process of getting to this clarity ended up being messy and challenging – punctuated by doubt and hopelessness and frustration – before coming out the other side with renewed hope and perspective. With the way my guide Rosario described this past eclipse season, that made perfect sense, but still wasn't very fun. 🙃)

(Also, note to self: sometime soon I wanna write about the experience of having a 3rd line in Human Design in a world that does not celebrate zig-zag, roundabout, trial-and-error paths to clarity.)

I've taken the time to rethink and reimagine Shadow Femme – as well as the ways in which I describe myself and what I do.

The real substance of my practice has not changed, but I am now giving more shape and structure to it, creating a more defined container to hold myself and my work.

So, let me (re)introduce myself and my practice to you...

Hi, I'm Sarah.

I’m a mirror medium & multifaceted mystic.

I’m a spiritual medium who specializes in reflecting back the parts of you that you most need to see.

The information that I channel from the other side is all in service of healing. What I pull down to Earth are tools, guidance, and questions to help you recognize, remember, and embrace yourself in all your nuanced complexity. This includes aspects of yourself that may feel uncomfortable, challenging, exiled — so-called “shadow parts” — but also parts of yourself that are shiny and brilliant, but perhaps forgotten.

My work is here to help you acknowledge and own the full spectrum of your humanity, and to show you that there is more to both you and the universe — that there are greater depths as well as higher heights.

Here, we do not shy away from nuance, depth, or complexity, and we gently find the courage to face difficult truths. We pull off the blindfolds, unbind ourselves from old patterns, and step bravely forward.

Here you’ll find spaces in which you can acknowledge your deep, rich interiority, while also embracing the kind of knowledge that makes you feel as though a window has been flung open, or that the roof has opened up — revealing a whole new expanse of sky: another level you didn't know existed, but that has been there all along.

My approach is intuitive and gentle, grounded and honest. It pairs beautifully with other healing modalities. If you are currently in therapy, or are seeing an alternative practitioner, you will likely find that the work we do together complements and enriches your experience.

When you work with me, I collaborate with my benevolent spirits as well as yours to craft custom, exploratory healing + learning journeys for you. I intuitively draw upon a wide range of modalities (mediumship, astrology, human design, tarot, oracle, shadow work, and more), combining them in unique ways according to the instruction of our spirits.

This results in an incredibly personalized experience, one which may not be achieved through any one modality alone. In my opinion, the tools themselves are always less important than the complex human in front of me. Rather than a cookie cutter reading, this means that you receive a collaborative, interactive, bespoke experience — designed by my spirit guides and yours — that will probably never be replicated again.

My work is guided by the spirit of black obsidian.

Black obsidian is a grounding and courageous stone that serves as a mirror and a portal, with the power to reveal important truths.

Obsidian is formed from the cooling of volcanic lava — fiery molten rock that has emerged from beneath the Earth’s surface and erupted into the air and cooled so rapidly that it forms a reflective glass.

Historically used by some cultures as a precious stone for trade as well as a sharp blade for arrows and other weapons, black obsidian is also protective, grounding, and excellent for shadow work.

Its anchoring yet unflinching energy helps us pierce through the darkness to bravely look at the darker parts of ourselves and seek the truth. Its reflective qualities allow it to serve as a mirror — one that enables us to peer into greater depths.

In my work with clients, I begin my mediumship by placing my hand upon a piece of reflective black obsidian. In my mind’s eye, the circle of obsidian opens up into an inky black pool, with my main spirit guide, Yulian, standing beside it. I make offerings to Yulian, in exchange for his help in guiding me into the depths. I dive into the pool, floating down, down, down, and I emerge with tools, symbols, and wisdom that I can then present to my clients.

In the words of my spirit guides:

Not many people practice this form of mediumship. One in which the seeker places their hand upon a reflective surface in order to affect changes in their consciousness, to draw out certain truths from below the surface.

The reflection is key because spiritual laws are literal as well as figurative. A reflective surface will indeed inspire reflection.

Obsidian is chosen for its darkness, for its talent in drawing out that which lies buried in the shadows.

Obsidian is a stone forged from heat and fire, the fury and passion of the Earth’s molten core, spewed into the air of the living.

It hardens as it cools, preserving with it passion and core truth—the grounding of the Earth—creating a stone that is discerning yet fiery, and which reflects all things as yet unknown.

Obsidian is the stone of the priestess, the shaman, the healer, and the warrior.

It cuts as easily as it heals.

By touching the obsidian, you are imbued with its properties, as you gaze into the inky pool that opens up below.

From this pool, you emerge with items — items of great weight and significance — that will light the way for the inquirer as they walk down the spiral path of healing, deeper and deeper, closer and closer, back to themselves.

Spiritual laws are literal as well as figurative.

I call myself a mirror medium because I quite literally use a reflective surface to facilitate my mediumship.

I also call myself this because my talents lie in reflecting back overlooked but important truths about myself, my clients, and the world.

I find that, like many practitioners, I attract clients who have life stories that, in some way, mirror my own. People who, like me, have not seen themselves authentically reflected back or healthily mirrored during the formative parts of their life.

My approach to client work blends together my studies and my hard-earned life lessons, and I often share parts of my own story through my writings. I find that putting my own experiences into words can spark powerful insights in other people and help them feel less alone.

I am a guide, channel, and co-explorer, one who speaks from both knowledge and experience, and who holds up an honest, gentle, and empowering mirror to those who want to bravely see a greater truth: that there is more to themselves, and to the universe, than they ever thought possible.

Does that sound like what you're looking for?

If so, there are three different ways for us to work together:

The Knife's Edge: Free Card Spread + Guide

A simple yet powerful tool to break out of old patterns and forge a different path. The Knife's Edge is a DIY card spread, with channeled instructions from my spirit guides, along with the option to submit your cards to me for a written reading.

You can access the spread for free here. You may be prompted to log in to view it – you'll just need to enter your email address (the one that is subscribed to this newsletter).

If you would like assistance with interpreting your cards, you can submit a photo of them to me here and receive a channeled write-up via email that will help you gain clarity.

The Gentle Mirror: Single Session

An intuitive, channeled session to help you see yourself more clearly and empower you to move through the world with more ease and less resistance. The Gentle Mirror is a two-part session that consists of 1 hour of divination and a 1-hour live Zoom call.

Using a custom blend of spiritual modalities, this session guides you to understand yourself and the way your energy works, on a deeper and more intuitive level.

You can view all the details here. Or, if you know already know you want to book a session, you can view available appointment times here.

The Obsidian Cave: 8-Week Container

A highly customized, guided journey to assist you in meeting and integrating various parts of yourself. A spiritual experience in remembering who you truly are. The Obsidian Cave is an 8-week, one-on-one container for those who desire to do deep work.

Over the course of our time together, we will explore your very own Cave: a place on the spiritual plane that contains 8 chambers, all surrounding an obsidian pool in the center. In each of these chambers you will get the chance to meet different parts of yourself and confront important themes in your life. From the depths of the pool you will receive tools and insights from your spirit guides that will assist you on this journey.

If you are interested in working together in this capacity, you can book a free 20-minute call with me here. We'll chat and answer any questions you may have, so that you can see if this container is a good fit for you.

I'll be introducing these offerings in greater detail in the weeks to come.

But for now – thank you for being here, for journeying alongside me.

I hope to work with you soon.

Wishing you all the best,