The Knife's Edge: Free Card Spread

Are you feeling stuck? Facing a tough decision? Not sure which path to take?

A gift from my spirit guides, this card spread is meant to help you break out of old cycles. It is simple yet effective!

Click here to access the spread and try it out for yourself with your own tarot or oracle deck.

P.S. If you want extra assistance in interpreting your cards, there is a form at the bottom of the guide that you can submit to get my perspective + the perspective of my guides :)

The Gentle Mirror: Single Session

This session helps you hold yourself in all your fullness.

The aspects of yourself that are easy or challenging, hidden or obvious, cherished or exiled.

You may find that, in regarding the many facets of yourself with gentle acceptance, that which is grating, wearisome, or full of resistance begins to fall away, allowing you to move through the world with more ease and flow.

Using a custom blend of spiritual modalities, this session guides you to understand yourself and the way your energy works, on a deeper and more intuitive level.

During our time together, we may draw upon astrology, human design, tarot, oracle, and the wisdom of your spirit guides to shine a light on what you most need to see.

The session is 2 hours in total:

  • Divination (1 Hour): An hour before the call, I make offerings to your spiritual court and ritually call in your Good Spirits as well as mine. I place my hand on a piece of reflective black obsidian and watch in my mind's eye as it opens up into an inky-black and impossibly deep pool before me. I approach my guide, Yulian, who stands beside the pool, and I make offerings to him in exchange for his assistance. I dive down into the pool and retrieve three symbolic objects: one that wounds, one that heals, and one that holds the potential to inspire. These three objects are unique to you and where you are at in this moment. I listen to your spirit guides and take notes as they explain their significance to me, imparting important messages about them and guiding me towards what you most need to see. They may also point me towards parts of your charts, advise me on cards to pull, or simply share words of wisdom for you.
  • Live Zoom Call (1 Hour): For the next hour, we meet on a live video call, where I share all the insight and guidance your Spirits have conveyed to me. This session is meant to be conversational and lightly structured, with room for dialogue and questions.

Each session is highly customized, and no two are the same. Each one is lovingly designed to serve as a gentle, honest, and powerful mirror for those who desire to see themselves more clearly.

$222 | 2 Hours: 1 Hour Divination + 1 Hour Call

View available times and book your session here.

The Obsidian Cave: 8-Week Container

For those who are ready to embark on a deeper journey, The Obsidian Cave is for you.

This 8-week container will guide you to meet and integrate various facets of your being, all while equipping you with the tools your Spirits wish to bestow upon you.

Over the course of our time together, we will explore your very own Cave: a place on the spiritual plane that contains 8 chambers, all surrounding an obsidian pool in the center.

In our first session, we will explore the first chamber, where you will find clues and tools for the journey ahead.

In the following sessions, we will move through the next six chambers, in which you will meet different parts of yourself, and confront important themes in your life.

In the final chamber, you will have the chance to review and integrate your whole journey.

Each of the 8 sessions is 2 hours in total:

  • Divination (1 Hour): An hour before our call, I make offerings to your spiritual court and ritually call in your Good Spirits as well as mine. I place my hand upon a piece of reflective black obsidian and watch in my mind's eye as it opens up into a dark pool beneath me. I approach my main spirit guide, Yulian, who stands near the pool, and make an offering to him. He helps me descend into the pool and bring back up important objects and symbols for examination – artifacts that serve as helpful keys to your psyche. I then enter one of the chambers in the cave, explore and take note of what I find, and listen to the guidance of your Spirits as they explain to me what the objects mean and what the chamber holds.
  • Live Zoom Call (1 Hour): During our live call, I synthesize everything I've discovered, share my findings, and walk you through any exercises your guides have shown me that are tied to the objects in the Cave and the Pool. These can include breathing, journaling, meditation, or visualization exercises that are specifically tailored to you. You may also receive tarot or oracle card pulls, or important insights into your birth chart or human design chart. You will also be guided through parts work (shadow work), as designed by your Spirits.

As your guide during this experience, I serve as a facilitator between the Spirit World and our world, interpreting and sharing the wisdom and instructions of your spiritual team as I dive into the depths and emerge with new findings.

This is container is powerful, no-fluff, and grounded. It is also compassionate, gentle, and spiritual.

$1500 | 8 Sessions
(payable in 3 monthly installments of $500)

If you are interested in working together in this capacity, you can book a free 20-minute call with me here. We'll chat and answer any questions you may have, so that you can see if this container is a good fit for you.