April Message from Lola

A message for the month ahead from my guide Lola: "It may feel as though you will get burned no matter what you do..."

April Message from Lola
Photo by Tanya Grypachevskaya / Unsplash

Hi everybody,

This is Lola, coming to you on a lovely Sunday afternoon. The sun is shining where Sarah is, and it is my privilege to be imparting a message to you now.

I would like to share a bit about what lies ahead in April for you all. This is something that has been on my mind for a moment now—wanting to connect more directly with Sarah’s subscribers. We (her guides) believe that Sarah has the potential to share so much wisdom if she is open to being more explicit and confident about her mediumship and her channeling. This is one way of leaning proudly into that.

And so I would like to talk to you about what energy you might be encountering this month. We are just coming off of an Aries New Moon, and we have kicked off the astrological new year a few weeks ago with the start of Aries season. And so what I would like to talk about involves this difference between what you may be feeling at this time in terms of this feeling of being reborn anew with the start of the astrological new year and the new moon (which may be considered to be the freshest start of all new moons, with Aries being the first sign of the zodiac), because you will likely be encountering this sensation of being given a fresh start, a fresh burst of energy, which may also feel incongruent with the heavy sadness that is permeating much of the world right now. As you know, there is a global conflict rattling the collective energy and there is of course a pandemic that is still raging in many parts of the world. This is the sort of energy that can feel impossible to move through, energy that is at once heavy and thick and which also has the power to burn and scar. It feels as though the heavy sadness and weariness has been laden with Aries fire to make a sort of molten lava that we all must navigate through. It may feel as though you will get burned no matter what you do—either by burning up with the fiery energy of Aries season and a fresh start, or by the slow but inexorable swamping sensation of hot sorrowful lava enveloping you as you read the news or encounter trauma in your own life.

I would like to say that now is a time when you can learn to hold both these things at once. There is the impulse during times like these to either drown in the weight of the morphic field or to escape it entirely by burying oneself in work or new projects and adventures and concern for capitalist achievement at the start of a new financial quarter.

I believe that this can instead be a time to hold seemingly contradictory forces.

You may need different things that you once did in order to take care of yourself and your inner peace because this pandemic has taken its toll on the entire world and no one has escaped some degree of weariness.

I would encourage you, even as you might burn up inside with the excitement of starting things anew, to take it all a bit slower than you might have prior to 2020. Now is the time to move with the deliberation yet boldness of Aries in its most noble warrior form. Aries as the one who thoughtfully uses its power for endeavors of passion, rather than charging in on impulse alone. Channel your fire wisely.

That is all for now. I wish you a restful Sunday.

All the best,