June: The Month Ahead, as told by Rosario

My spirit guide Rosario asks us: "I want you to picture yourself in the most challenging situation possible. How do you react? How do you feel in your body?"

June: The Month Ahead, as told by Rosario
Photo by Poul Cariov / Unsplash

Hello everyone,

This is Rosario, here to deliver a message to you about June.

This June is about audacious growth in the face of adversity.

(Note from Sarah: Here, she showed me the image of a yellow flower in a field, and then a huge red-hot planet swooping down and across the field and this little flower getting scorched—I thought of Jupiter sweeping through the fiery sign of Aries.)

I want you to picture yourself in the most challenging situation possible. How do you react? How do you feel in your body?

These are the two most important things to pay attention to when you are facing any kind of circumstance that does not meet your expectation for the way things should be.

It is easy to throw your hands up in those situations and give up. It can also be tempting to fight with your feelings and the sensations of your body and cut them off as if you can starve them. You cannot starve them.

Picture a bucket being lowered into a well, and you trying your damnedest to fray the rope. Doesn’t change the fact that the bucket is full of water down there, and growing mildew as the months and years go on.

Keep that rope strong. Have the bravery to haul that stagnant water back up to the light of day, slowly and steadily, hand over hand. Ask a trusted companion for help, if you need it.

Jupiter scorches through Aries this summer, and with that transit comes increased bravery as well as increased violence. It brings optimism and a “knock me down and I’ll get right back up” fighter mentality. And it also inflames some tempers and emboldens those who really should not be emboldened.

We are in the midst of the United States’ Pluto return, and we are also in the middle of Gemini season, as the Sun passes through Gemini and comes in contact with the U.S.’s out of bounds Mars in Gemini.

What this all adds up to is an inflammation in the United Sates, which affects most of the world.

Combat, tension, violence, and tempers can be exacerbated by a benefic like Jupiter, just as it can also bestow blessings of boldness while in Aries.

May this transit embolden the meek.

If you are someone whose voice is constricted by a society that does not value your inherent human worth, let this transit open your throat and embolden you to speak. Let it embolden you to wail, if you need to. Let your cries be heard. Pull up that water in the bucket from the bottom of the well, hand over hand, and scatter its contents across the Earth.

Your tears, your words, your subconscious memories and unprocessed feelings are what the Earth needs. Have the bravery to bring them up to the surface and expel them from your soul.

With love,