Do you want to learn how your energy works?

Are you looking for an introduction to a system that will help you understand yourself?

Perhaps you're already curious about Human Design and have tried googling the concepts, only to find confusing, dense, and jargon-heavy explanations?

I've put together this approachable, thoughtful, in-depth guide that will help you understand the most fundamental concept in Human Design: your Type.

I've drawn from my own experience and pulled out only the most important insights.

This guide combines two years of studying, observation, and experimentation, and breaks everything down into a digestible format that you can apply to your everyday life. The information here is presented in an accessible way that you won't get anywhere else, alongside channeled information from my spirit guides that you won't be able to find in any textbook.

By the end of these five lessons, you will grasp what it truly means to be a Human Design Projector.

Lesson 0: What is Human Design?

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