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brave & gentle guidance

for journeying into the depths and back again

Hi! I'm Sarah. I'm a mirror medium & multifaceted mystic.

I'm a spiritual medium who specializes in reflecting back the parts of you that you most need to see.

In my work, I collaborate with my Good Spirits and those of my clients. I intuitively draw upon a wide range of modalities (mediumship, astrology, human design, tarot, oracle, shadow work, and more), combining them in unique ways according to the instruction of the spirits, in order to craft custom healing + learning journeys.

I am also guided by the spirit of black obsidian: a grounding and courageous stone that serves as a mirror and a portal, with the power to reveal important truths.

Ways to Work With Me

The Knife's Edge

Free Card Spread

A simple yet powerful tool to break out of old patterns and forge a different path.

The Gentle Mirror

Single Session

An intuitive, channeled session to help you see yourself more clearly and empower you to move through the world with more ease and less resistance.

The Obsidian Cave

8-Week Container

A highly customized, guided journey to assist you in meeting and integrating various parts of yourself. A spiritual experience in remembering who you truly are.